Who is Collin?

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The most frequent visitors to my site know me through academia, so I should start by noting that I’m an Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Writing at Syracuse University. I’ve been at SU in their Writing Program since 2001; I started work there only a couple of weeks prior to 9/11. Any time that you spend more than a decade in a single location, you’re bound to do a lot of different things, and I’m no exception in that regard. I served as the Director of Graduate Studies for several years, have taught most of the core courses for both our undergraduate major and doctoral program, and I’ve spent stretches on each of the program’s governance committees. The WP is a small program compared to the other (English) departments that I was a part of, so my colleagues and I have had to wear lots of different hats. For a long time I self-described as a generalist, but most people know me, I suspect, as a technology specialist.

Like most faculty in the humanities, I’ve moved around somewhat–the fact of employment was always more important to me than the location. I was born and raised in Davenport, Iowa, went to school in Minnesota, Ohio, and Texas, and took my first tenure-track position in Virginia. A lifelong reader, I suppose it’s fair to say that I’m far more of an indoors person, and as a consequence, I don’t have strong preferences (or nostalgia) for any of the places I’ve lived. I do prefer the winters of NY to the summers of TX, as far as inclement weather goes, so in that sense, I guess I tend to the north.

(to be continued)


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